Can you drink and still lose weight?

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BBQ’s, clubbing (for the younger types), catch-ups… It can be nice to drink a few beers/wines when
socialising with ya mates. Naturally you are probably thinking, will a couple of drinks ruin all my fat
loss efforts this week?


First let’s talk about what happens inside your body when you drink alcohol.
Alcohol does not convert to fat when you drink. Instead it creates something in your body called ‘Acetate’. This is basically a
poison and has no nutritional value so your body wants to get rid of it ASAP.


Fat burning stops until all the alcohol has been processed!
If you drink enough you could put fat burning on halt for
over 12 hours! Alcohol also messes with the part of your
brain that regulates self-control. It actually makes you
crave fatty, high calorie foods. This combination of high
fat, high calorie foods and zero fat burning is a recipe for

Alcohol is empty calories with no real nutritional value.
One beer is 150 calories so if you drink 10 beers then
you have consumed 1500 calories on beer alone!
If the alcohol you consume means that your “calories in”
becomes GREATER than your “calories out” for the day
you WILL gain weight.


Strategy 1
Swap 1 of your snacks (200 cals) for two beers or five shots and still
stay within your calorie budget.


Strategy 2
If you are having a BIG night you should reduce your
calorie intake early in the day by skipping snacks or
having a light breakfast. Try and eat your food before you
start drinking. This should reduce your bad decisions,
hunger AND your calorie budget for the day.

Eat Beforehand. Don’t be silly with your body. Alcohol on an empty stomach is not good news.


Strategy 3
Use low calorie mixers with Spirits. EG. Vodka + Water +
Squeezed Lemon/Lime (keeps you hydrated), Soda water,
sugar free mixers etc.


Carbonated mixers are either naturally carb-free and caloriefree

(club soda, sparkling water, plain water) or come in diet
versions (tonic water, ginger ale, cola, lemon-lime soda such
as 7-Up or Sprite). Note that tonic water does contain sugar
unless it is a diet-type.

• Vodka & Sprite Zero / Water / Lemon
• Jack and Coke Zero
• Scotch and soda
• Rum and diet coke
• Gin and tonic
• Rye and Ginger (rye whiskey and diet ginger ale)

1 Shot of Peach Vodka
2 Squeezes of Lemon Juice and 250ml of Sprite Zero OR water!


Look Alcohol is not good for you.

We all know this.

You are an adult and you can make adult decisions on what is an acceptable amount of alcohol for YOU.

If you are happy to accept that fact and incorporate some alcohol into your lifestyle while still sticking to a healthy diet, it’s better than not sticking to a healthy diet at all!

What normally happens as you get more fit, you notice the negative effects of alcohol anyway and how it impairs performance.

This normally makes you cut back on alcohol anyway so you can perform at your best!



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