How to use carb cycling to eat pizza and get lean

Carb Cycling
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How many carbs should you have in your meal plan?

I used to eat ‘low carb’ very frequently and for the majority of the week. This worked well to help me shed fat for a while… but eventually I hit a plateau. I’d been eating really well and nothing was happening.
I got frustrated and decided to ‘screw the diet’ and I ordered ALL THE CARBS.
I had butter chicken (full of sugar), white rice and naan bread until I was STUFFED.

The next morning I woke up SUPER LEAN, it was the leanest I have ever been. My six pack was in full force…
What happened? Carb Cycling happened.

First lets take it back… Your metabolism, explained!

Fat loss relies on a very important hormone known as LEPTIN.

In simple terms, Leptin tells your body how many calories to burn (think of it like your metabolism hormone).

Leptin does not stay constant. If you restrict calories your leptin levels will DROP. This means your metabolism is slowing. Leptin is anti-starvation… this hormone is the reason we can survive up to 30 days without food!

This is not good news for anyone trying to lose fat by restricting their calorie intake. This hormone is literally designed to stop you from dropping fat! The not dying part is a great bonus though right 🙂

What does this have to do with carb intake?

Now that we know how important Leptin is for fat loss, it is important we keep Leptin levels high to avoid starvation diets.

The easiest way to increase your Leptin is to just eat more consistently over a long period of time. This is why ‘bulking’ is important for both males and females. This can be done in a controlled way to avoid fat gain.

HOWEVER… There is a better way to increase leptin! It turns out that CARBS increase our leptin levels.
Fat DOES NOT increase leptin and may even decrease it!
I repeat… you must eat CARBS to increase your leptin.
Deliberate overfeeding on carbs has been shown to increase leptin levels for 4-48 hours.

Carb Cycling allows you to eat all of your favourite foods while getting lean!

This is GREAT. You can trick your body by putting aside one day each week to eat ALOT of carbs. Did somebody say cheat meal?

Let me give you an example:
Its your best mates birthday on Saturday night and you’ve been invited out to your favourite pizza place.
The Old You (Before Carb Cycling)
You either politely decline the pizza or quietly accept the invitation knowing that you are taking another step back from your goals but you don’t want to be rude! Either way you lose.
The New You (Armed with the power of Carb Cycling)
You gladly accept the invitation. You reschedule your heavy legs workout for Saturday and re-jig your eating schedule this week so that you have a low carb day Thursday and Friday in preparation to eat ALL THE PIZZA ON SATURDAY NOM NOM NOM.

Does your diet use carb cycling?

A high carb day is defined as having carbs with every meal.
A low carb day is having carbs with just one meal of the day.

LowCarbDay HighCarbDay

While carb cycling is not compulsory to lose fat, it sure makes it alot easier… give it a try!



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