Speed up your fat loss using cheat meals

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Dreaming of donuts and burgers while dieting?

Sure you do.

We at FlexiDiet don’t judge you for liking ‘bad foods’.

We understand that they taste amazing.

We also understand that life is for living. You don’t need to be perfect 100% of the time to get results.

If you are perfect 100% of the time and you’re not enjoying it, you don’t have a lifestyle. You have a diet.


I’ve seen hundreds of clients over the years and cheat meals is something I talk about with EVERY client before they finish a consultation.

Some people need a cheat meal and some people don’t.

If you’ve come from a bad diet living mainly off takeaways and donuts, chances are you would like at least one or two cheat meals.

If you genuinely eat healthy most of the time you probably won’t care about it.

Do you think cheat meals are necessary?

First off, What is a cheat meal?

At FlexiDiet we use the term cheat meal loosely.

It doesn’t have to be takeaways.

It doesn’t have to be bad for you.

It’s simply a chance for you to eat whatever you like on ‘impulse’.

It could be a chance to go out with friends and not worry about your diet.

It’s nice to not have to ‘follow the plan’ sometimes right?

What are the benefits of scheduling a cheat meal in your meal plan?

If you like to be social, the cheat meal is GREAT. You don’t even have to have a planned cheat meal on a specific day…

Simply keep one cheat meal in your pocket every week. Use this free pass to go out with your mates, enjoy your life and feel guilt free about the whole thing.

The other great thing about cheat meals?

Mental health.

It helps you stick to your diet.

If you try restrict yourself from the foods you know you love, your brain has a funny way of bouncing back hard the other way.


Picture your favourite food right now.

Picture yourself starting a diet today and telling yourself that you can never have that food again.

Do you still feel like dieting?

Yeah Nah.


OK now lets flip the situation.

Picture that you want your favourite food right now but you are on a diet.

You are dieting but you know that you have a cheat meal planned for the weekend so you can wait a few days until then.

You still get to eat your favourite food this week.

You still stick to your diet 80-90% of the time.

You still get results.




When Can Cheat Meals Go Wrong?

First off, a cheat meal is just ONE MEAL. A cheat day can just push your calories so far over the limit, its not even funny.

If you are turning your cheat meal into a cheat DAY, stop right now.

If each cheat meal is 500 calories over you could set yourself back half a week at least!



Did you know that cheat meals can HELP your fat loss?

If you’ve been following FlexiDiet for a while you know that the secret sauce behind our meal plans is:

  1. Carb Cycling
  2. Calorie Cycling
  3. Managing calorie intake through foods you love

If you eat the same clean meals every day, your body gets very good at processing that.

Always keep your body guessing.

We highly recommend a ‘high carb REFEED’ at least once per week.

This is to replenish your muscle glycogen stores and help you perform your best during your workouts.

The only catch here is that your meal must be HIGH CARB and not high fat.

KFC isn’t ideal.

If you eat enough carbs you can also temporarily lift your metabolism through some hormonal changes!

The only type of food that does this is CARBS.

Burger and chips? This ticks the boxes for both high protein and high carbs… what a life hack 🙂


Is there a best time to have your cheat meal?

Carbs are best tolerated after a workout so you should always try do some intense exercise before your cheat meal or pick your hardest workout day of the week to have a cheat meal.

This will ensure that all those glorious carbs are converted into muscle glycogen instead of fat…. ENJOY!




Hi I’m Brad, the founder of FlexiDiet. I’m a ISSA & NZIHF Certified Nutritionist/PT specialising in getting people lean eating burgers. Here at FlexiDiet we don’t believe in clean eating or restrictive diets and we want to teach YOU how to make your favourite foods healthier. If you are enjoying your food, your results will be PERMANENT and you don’t actually need to use a temporary fix ‘diet’.

FlexiDiet is the result of hundreds of successful client transformations. Will you be next?

Your diet doesn’t have to be super clean and restrictive.

Your diet doesn’t have to be confusing.

You diet doesn’t need ‘special foods’ in order to lose fat.

You can still socialise, drink alcohol and lose fat.

We teach you how to meal prep.

Learn to build your own 7 day meal plan with yummy recipes provided.

Want to get started on building your own meal plan right away?