We had tried clean eating a bunch of times and had always achieved pretty good results, but each time we would always hit a plateau where we never seemed to be able to improve our body composition. So when we saw that The Bradzter was offering a 12 week challenge we pounced on the opportunity.

Brad’s diets had us eating cheese, bacon, pizzas and loads of other stuff that we had always avoided and we still toned up faster than we had before. There was always options for variations to our meal plans so food was never dull. We were also able to eat the same thing for dinner so it wasn’t a hassle.

Dieting is always a mind battle, saying no to things that you really want to say yes to, and saying yes to going to the gym at lunch time instead of watching youtube videos. But we found it great having each other there to be strong when we were feeling weak, to say ‘nah you can have KFC on your cheat night’ and ‘just brush your teeth so you don’t want dessert anymore’.

Our key to success was to push each other with more than just body composition goals. We are both heavily into badminton so we reminded each other that getting leaner and improving muscle strength would get us around the court faster.

The result? In 12 weeks we collectively lost about 16kgs, increased our speed and agility, and learnt a whole bunch about nutrition that we never would have otherwise.

Brad & Bec’s Couples Transformation