Would your partner or kids eat the food on your “diet”?

Food Temptations

If you answered no this question, you don’t have a lifestyle but simply a quick fix diet.

There is no reason your family and friends should be eating separate meals from you unless you are a bodybuilder.

If you’re just looking to get lean to be healthy, look good and feel confident then your diet needs to be a lifestyle and not some 8 week fix…


I speak to many clients who all tell me that they are cooking separate meals from the kids because they won’t eat their diet food.

You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If you can’t make life lasting changes that incorporate your family it’s not worth following.

If you have kids, what kind of example are you setting for them?

It’s time to practice a little patience when it comes to lifestyle changes.


Why are we always in a rush to our destination?

We seem to have a natural human tendency to want everything tomorrow.

So you set the 8 week goal, you completely overhaul your diet and feel miserable for 8 weeks but hey you got some results right?

Meanwhile you’ve been cooking separate meals every night.


What happens next?

You no longer have the 8 week goal on the horizon.

All of a sudden you can start to justify all the extra little bites. The sneaky snack or maybe one more wine.

You’ve worked hard right?

You put up with a horrible diet for 8 weeks and lost a few kilos… you deserve to treat yourself now!


So it begins… and so it will continue.

The vicious cycle of ups and downs that comes with not being able to enjoy your diet.

What if there was another way? What if you could actually enjoy your diet for good?

Why would you ever need to diet again? You shouldn’t need a holiday from your diet if its an enjoyable one.


How do you get out of this cycle?

It’s not easy, don’t get me wrong. However it starts with SMALL mindset changes.

These SMALL mindset changes will snowball, however if you try and make HUGE mindset changes your brain will pull you back pretty quickly.

You are competing with YEARS of habit wired into your brain.

The brain will seek comfort and routine so it is up to you to RECOGNISE this.

Once you are aware your brain is seeking comfort, you have the knowledge and awareness to start your small tweaks.


The changes you make will be very dependent on the stage of your journey.

If you’ve just gone past the first stage of denial that there is a problem, you will only be capable of very simple tweaks.
Here are some example SIMPLE tweaks to get you started:

  1. Limit the number of “bad foods” you have in your cupboard. 
    If you are opening your cupboard and seeing 10 things you shouldn’t eat and only one healthy option, what do you think is going to happen?
    Try limit the amount of unhealthy options available.
    You could say “bad foods” are only to be stored outside the house. This is the ‘level 2 tweak’.

  2. Commit to just 1-2 exercise sessions per week.
    The only way this one will work is if you actually write down which days you will go and BLOCK YOUR CALENDAR.
    If you never make the time it doesn’t happen.

  3. Find recipes you enjoy that help you get lean
    One common mindset is that eating healthy has to be gross. This simply isn’t true.
    There is no reason you can’t enjoy your healthy diet.
    This is your brain trying to justify why you haven’t made changes yet.

  4. Find a support group
    If you have a mate that wants to make changes, commit to similar goals together. Hold each other accountable.
    FlexiDiet has a completely FREE facebook group you can join.
    Brad posts useful nutrition advice in the group frequently. Please join up by clicking here!

  5. Seek professional help
    There is no shame in talking to an expert if you’ve failed on your own.
    Sometimes even just talking about the issues with someone is enough to get you going!
    Email us at info@flexidiet.co.nz and we can put you in touch with a professional Nutritionist to help you through your personal journey.


Hi I’m Brad, the founder of FlexiDiet. I’m a ISSA & NZIHF Certified Nutritionist/PT specialising in getting people lean eating burgers. Here at FlexiDiet we don’t believe in clean eating or restrictive diets and we want to teach YOU how to make your favourite foods healthier. If you are enjoying your food, your results will be PERMANENT and you don’t actually need to use a temporary fix ‘diet’.

FlexiDiet is the result of hundreds of successful client transformations. Will you be next?

Your diet doesn’t have to be super clean and restrictive.

Your diet doesn’t have to be confusing.

You diet doesn’t need ‘special foods’ in order to lose fat.

You can still socialise, drink alcohol and lose fat.

We teach you how to meal prep.

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