Your Guide to Eating Healthier at your summer BBQ

Group Of Friends Eating, Drinking, Dancing And Having A Good Time At Outdoor Party


This means water, sun, sand and BBQ’s.

My favourite time of year is the start of summer and cracking a cold one in the sun with good mates and family.

If you are anything like me, you like to enjoy this time of year without stressing about your diet.

This is your how-to guide to making your classic kiwi BBQ diet friendly so you don’t come back from your new years break with a spare tire.


If we want to break it down, there are 3 elements of the BBQ that you can control.

  1. What you do leading up to the BBQ
  2. How much you drink and what you drink
  3. How much you eat and what you personally bring to the BBQ

Let’s look at these 3 areas you can control.

I’ll also cover best food choices when picking your BBQ food. (It doesn’t have to be bad)


1. What you do leading up to the BBQ

You can’t really control what will be on offer at the BBQ but you can definitely control what you eat on the day or even the day before.

If you are that worried about it, get some exercise done that day.

Pick any hi-intensity exercise that depletes your muscle glycogen stores so you create demand in your body for fuel!

You have much less chance of storing fat that way as your muscle stores will be replenished.


A little common sense here but make sure you eat well leading up to the BBQ.

Remember one meal isn’t going to break your diet.

However if you’ve been consistently bad then your results will be consistently bad.

Put extra effort into making good choices 24 hours beforehand.


What about intermittent fasting?

Some people like to deploy intermittent fasting as a way to ‘bank calories’.

This is personal preference and not recommended if you struggle with your relationship with food.

If you have a history of struggling with your relationship with food then you should avoid fasting at all costs.

The idea around intermittent fasting is that you have a feeding window of 8-10 hours a day.

Click HERE if you want to learn more about meal timing.



2. How much you drink and what you drink

BEER! WINE! Tequila!?!

Because no good story ever started with ‘I was eating this salad and then….’.

Look, we all know drinking is not good for you but you are an adult and can make your own choices.

Alcohol is empty calories so if you plan on drinking you are going to blow your ‘calorie budget’ pretty quickly.

Remember if the calories you consume from the alcohol put you over your metabolic rate for the day you WILL gain weight.


If you are someone who likes to drink, i’m not going to judge you for it.

I still want you to get results so this is how you can help yourself.

There are a few tweaks you can make to your drink choices to lessen the blow on the waistline.

Beer & Wine = 150 calories per bottle/glass

Spirits = 64 calories per shot

Just make sure the mixer you choose is little to NO calories.


What does FlexiDiet recommend if you choose to drink?

Peach Vodka, Sprite Zero with a little lemon water.


3. How much you eat and what you personally bring to the BBQ

Remember guys, portion control is everything. You are at a BBQ. Enjoy yourself!

With our busy lives these days, its hard to catch up with friends and family. Don’t let anxiety around food get you down.

Eat whatever you like. Just make sure you aren’t going for huge portions.

BBQ is mainly meat, veg and potato/kumara anyway so it’s not actually that unhealthy.

No one will even notice if you don’t mention you’re on a diet!


What are some ways to naturally lower your calorie intake with your food choices?

  1. Limit Sausages
  2. Look for the leanest cut of meat and don’t eat the really fatty bits
  3. Meat/Veg kebabs on skewers are a lean choice
  4. Be sensible with your potato/kumara portion
  5. Load up on veg to fill yourself up
  6. Set an alcohol limit
  7. Pass on dessert


Sure its not rocket science but what you need to realise is that all these little choies you make do add up.

These little choices eventually change the way you operate.

When you change the way you operate you also change your body composition.
No more quick fixes. Just habit change for permanent results.

So remember to enjoy! Life is too short to avoid the good things in life… especially when it comes to diet and socialising.


Hi I’m Brad, the founder of FlexiDiet. I’m a ISSA & NZIHF Certified Nutritionist/PT specialising in getting people lean eating burgers. Here at FlexiDiet we don’t believe in clean eating or restrictive diets and we want to teach YOU how to make your favourite foods healthier. If you are enjoying your food, your results will be PERMANENT and you don’t actually need to use a temporary fix ‘diet’.

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